Interpreting Drawings (new)

Reading soul patterns through impromptu drawings


This training is for anyone who wants a spiritually accelerated program for their own growth and it also serves as an adjunct for those who work in human service capacities, such as: practitioners, counselors, teachers and therapists.

Reading Soul Patterns through Impromptu Drawings is an original model created by Mary Elizabeth Marlow with both therapeutic and diagnostic benefits. These drawings are a window to the soul. They go direct to the heart of the matter, by-passing the linear mind and revealing deeper levels of the psyche which otherwise could take months, or even years to discover. In a very real sense they are cryptograms, coded messages from the inner self. Spontaneous drawings reveal the soul’s code, the unique imprint of an individual with his/her challenges and possibilities. Indeed, they are a pathway to the Akashic record (the record of the soul). Thus, learning to read these drawings is a subtle art.

For some thirty years, including some sixty trips to Europe and widespread travel in the United States, Mary Elizabeth has been using drawings with individuals, families and groups. She has fine-tuned the art of interpreting spontaneous drawings and is ready to pass on this work.

LEVEL ONE: THE EARLY YEARS: Your Training Ground
This first level on the early years is both lecture and lab (both information and hands-on experience). During this session you will:
• Learn about the nature of Change
• Understand how Beliefs and Patterns are established
• Work with Higher Levels of Consciousness
• Enhance Intuition and Awareness
• Establish Guidelines to Read Patterns
• Practice with Sample Drawings
• Receive a recommended Reading List
• Be given assignments for Practice Drawings

MENTORING – Throughout the year Mary Elizabeth can also feed-back on drawings long-distance via the internet and skype. Visit her website for more details. Click here…

Deze workshop is door de NGVH+ geaccrediteerd voor 10 studieuren.

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